A Few Great Reasons to Make Your Next Holiday a Nepal Holiday

The Himalayas have been enticing mountaineers for decades, encouraging men and women to risk life and limb in the quest to summit the world's tallest mountain. And this is why Nepal holidays are so popular. Nepal translates to 'abode of snow' and what a large amount of snow it has. Standing proud in the skyline, watching over Nepal is the most famous mountain in the world, Mount Everest. Seeing this glorious peak is a must-do for most travellers to Nepal. While it is extremely unlikely you will ever summit this might mountain, you can always hike up to the Everest base camp. There will be porters to help you on your journey, carrying your luggage and necessities through the foothills; the porters are always locals giving you the opportunity you gain a cultural understanding without even realising it. Reaching Base Camp, is still a considerable achievement and you are rewarded with captivating views of the surrounding peaks.

Going to Nepal isn't just about tackling Everest Base Camp trek though; you should also take a trip to Kathmandu (the capital) for cultural discovery and time for quiet reflection after your trek. This capital is thriving with Buddhist and Hindu temples situated along the Vishumati River and traditional market squares filled with colourful local produce. If you don't like the big city, you can visit smaller and quieter towns and villages such as Bhaktapur and Pokhara which are ideal places to start less demanding treks into the Himalayas. Pokhara is near to Begnas and Phewa Lakes, where you can take a relaxing boat ride. From Phewa Lake you can walk up to the World Peace Pagoda and from Pokhara visit the Mahendra Cave at sunrise for views of the Annapurna's and Fishtail Mountain.

While Nepal holidays offer the chance to reach Everest Base Camp, Nepal is also home to Chitwan National Park. Here you can partake in other activities, such as white water rafting, which will get your adrenaline going, exploring the park in a dugout canoe or taking an elephant safari. Chitwan is home to the infamous one-horned Indian rhino, a huge variety of birds (over 400), bears, monkeys and tigers. Tigers can be very elusive so it pays to head into the jungle with an experiences park ranger or guide. In your dugout canoe look out for crocodiles sunbathing on the river banks and ask your guide to take you to the local elephant breeding centre to help feed the babies.

Nepal offers you a balance of cultural and trekking experiences, along with the chance to immerse yourself in traditional Nepalese life. And don't forget to try the dumplings!